CHI market for the Aethia blockchain game:

CHI/ETH prices are dynamically calculated by the smart contract depending on the amount of CHI/ETH you are trading. The contract does not hold any of your assets, the trade completes in a single transaction.

Enter CHI amount below to see the offer. The offer is only an estimate. The actual ETH amount is calculated when the TX confirms on the blockchain. Set the limit to the lowest sell (or highest buy) offer you are willing to accept. The contract will always give you the best price at the confirmation time - the limit is intended to prevent the TX from failing on small price fluctuations.

Before selling CHI, you need to approve an allowance for the contract, at least in the amount of CHI you are selling. You are welcome to approve a higher amount for future transactions.

Smart contract:

Contract assets: - ETH and - CHI. Ratio ETH/CHI x1000: -


Enter BUY amount:

Estimate: - ETH

Limit (pay at most):


Sell CHI

Enter SELL amount:

Estimate: - ETH

Limit (receive at least):


Your Account:

ETH balance: - ETH

CHI balance: - CHI

CHI allowance: - CHI

Set CHI allowance: